Greetings, Guardsmen!

We have some excellent news – it’s time to announce our Guardsman of the Week. Let their bravery in the name of the God-Emperor inspire you to even greater feats of glory in His name. 

We are proud to announce this Cadian Private as the Guardsman of the Week for her courage under fire during a conflict against the Necrons.

We even have some exclusive footage of her in action.

As you can see from the footage, she survives an overwhelming Necron assault thanks to her unshakeable faith in the God-Emperor. Immediately after this, the Private led a brave charge into the heart of the enemy forces* where she personally slew multiple xenos constructs.**

As Guardsman of the Week, she will be presented with an additional pack of combat rations and her pict will be added to the wall of heroes.*** Remember, Guardsmen, that you too can receive this honour, and your Commissar is even now keeping an eye out for potential nominees for next week, so don’t disappoint them.  

++ Thought for the Day: Are we not the chosen of the Emperor, His loyal servants unto death? ++

* Unfortunately, no footage of this is currently available, although there is allegedly footage out there showing the Private being blessed to fight alongside the God-Emperor’s Angels of Death.
** Known as “Scarabs”.
*** Although it should be noted that the Private hasn’t been seen since the battle, we’re sure that she’s fine. If not, this will become a posthumous commendation.