Greetings, Guardsmen. 

We have tremendous news. In your pursuit of the mysterious figure known as “The Spider”, we are posting you to Cadia. Yes, the Cadia!

Despite rumours spread by the Archenemy, Cadia does not just stand – it thrives. Indeed, by using Cadia to voluntarily intercept the Despoiler’s Blackstone Fortress AND to detonate a network of vile Necron structures, we have been able to redefine several age-old paradigms.*

We have created a pamphlet in order to help soldiers who previously served on the planet adjust.

Good luck, Guardsmen! We hope you enjoy your stay – win or lose, it’ll likely be a short one.

++ Thought for the Day: Even a man who has nothing to give can still offer his life. ++

* Such as “What makes a planet?”, “Just what is a victory?”, and sundry other questions anyone below an officer will be executed for asking.