Happy flying, Guardsmen! 

Your regiment is fortunate enough to be working alongside the Aeronautica Imperialis, those brave masters of the skies. This has several benefits, from saving you the trouble of relying upon your helmets to shield you from errant enemy bombers to giving you yet enough elite cadre of individuals to feel inferior to.

One of the supreme privileges of fighting alongside the Aeronautica Imperialis is swift deployment to the battlefield. After all, much as we all enjoy trudging through the mud for miles or cosying up inside a Chimera with a frightened Ogryn, nothing beats the thrill or efficiency of a combat drop. We understand that for many of you, this will be your first unsimulated drop from a Valkyrie, and have provided an instructional pamphlet in order to ensure a swift, safe and deadly egress.

Happy landings, Guardsmen!

++ Thought for the Day: Blind faith is a just cause. ++