Greetings, Guardsmen. 

Or are you?

In their infinite wisdom, the High Lords of Terra have unleashed a crack Officio Assassinorum force into your war zone. Assassins are noble warriors designed to use cunning tactics to defeat the enemy, countering their perfidious hiding with masterful subterfuge. 

However, due to a minor miscommunication, the Callidus Assassin from the execution force is missing. Usually, this is fantastic news – by any metric of probability, an unseen Imperial Assassin is probably elbow-deep in the viscera of a xenos “diplomat”. However, the conspicuous absence of casualties among the enemy leads us to believe that this Callidus Assassin has not yet been triggered.

Callidus Assassins are capable of assuming any appearance, with this particular specimen having been given false memories as a Guardsman in order to ensure the subtlest possible infiltration. This means that in practice, you or any of your approximately 80,000 comrades could be an Assassin. We have provided some exercises to help you rediscover your true identity.

Good luck, Guardsmen! Remember – it could be YOU.

++ Thought for the Day: Death brings no peace to the unfaithful. ++