Greetings, Guardsmen!

Let none say the Departmento Munitorum is anything but bounteously generous!* On the eve of your first action, company command has issued each of you your very own Crusade Journal and standard Portable Communications Transcription device to record your glorious battles. They are to be kept alongside your standard-issue Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer at all times.**

Read the following regulations regarding the use of your Crusade Journal carefully.

Page 1: Includes important personal details about yourself and your role in the platoon. Fill it out completely to focus your mind on the upcoming battle and set aspirational goals.

In addition, we expect each of you to rank yourself in various metrics on a scale of 1 to 10. We encourage you to speak with your squadmates to verify the accuracy of your ratings. Finish up by subtracting 2 from each score. The best Guardsmen are humble Guardsmen. 

Page 2: Make record of your comrades in arms. Locate the set of stickers included to mark which have been martyred in honourable action, or make a note of shameful perfidy and treachery, and use the set of gold stars to denote acts of valour. 

Page 3: Use this notes section to collect your thoughts after surviving battles.*** Did you learn an effective new way to slaughter your enemy? Has your understanding of the God-Emperor’s beneficence deepened through the clarity afforded by your imminent death? Write it down!

You will be pleased to hear your commanding officer has been issued a set of commemorative badges with which to call out acts of courage and bravery within the platoon. Paste them to your Crusade Journal’s cover for all to see! You’ll compete for such honours as “Most Fingers/Facial Features/Limbs Sacrificed whilst Retaining Fighting Efficacy”,**** the fabled “Over 15 Hours of Combat Survived” award, as well as “Largest Beast/Engine of War Laid Low with Bayonet”. Earn them all for your shot at an actual medal.

The back cover of your Crusade Journal serves as a record of engagements – simply punch a hole for every battle survived. Collect 10 to be considered for veterancy honours! 

We look forward to reading your glorious record, posthumously or even whilst you still draw breath to fight another day. 

++ Thought for the Day:  No man died in His service that died in vain. ++

* Any soldier caught intimating such a mistruth will be subject to immediate censure – the punishment for which is death.
** On pain of death – do not squander the gifts of the God-Emperor.
*** To be completed strictly during enforced rest and sustenance allotments.
**** Any soldier found to be mutilating themselves to earn this honour will be summarily executed for damaging Astra Militarum war materiel.