Greetings, Guardsmen!

Mutation – there is no greater threat to the Imperium. Mutation threatens the sanctity of our blood and inherited superiority over the xenos; it is a blight to be torn from our very breast with fire and blade. You must always remain vigilant for the Mutant, for he will come to you as brother, and you will meet him with nothing but death. Sanctioned differences, on the other hand, are a blessing! The flexibility that Ogryns, Ratlings, Navigators and certain psykers offer our Imperium almost make up for their repugnance – the hard work of the “differently human” has been enough to allow us to generously stay their execution.* Today, we have exciting news of a new genetic curiosity that YOU could be suffering from!

Known as the “pariah gene”, this invaluable mutation makes you all but immune to witchcraft! While sufficient zeal, clarity of thought and careful application of bolt-rounds is usually enough to confront enemy psykers, “blanks”, as those with this mutation are known, are useful for dealing with more extreme cases. We have prepared a short exercise sheet to help.

1) Find out what your colleagues think of you!

One strange side effect of the nullifying ability of blanks is the disgust they inspire in other humans. Are you bullied relentlessly by your fellow soldiers? Can your commanding officer barely stand to look at you? Do your bunkmates whisper behind your back? Fear not – it may not be personal and could simply indicate that you are a disgusting hidden mutant in need of a purpose.

2) Stand near the Regimental Psyker!

Keeping an eye on psykers is always a wise idea. Left unsupervised, they tend to be distracted by strange notions such as freedom, unapproved sleep and removing their protective sanctioning implants. Stand near one and conduct approved conversation.** Use the following scale to grade their discomfort.


3) Intercept Enemy Attacks!

If any enemy psyker attempts to use witchcraft to assault your comrades, throw yourself in the path of the attack! If you are a blank, the energy should disperse off you harmlessly, after which we can find you a special home with other mutants like you. If not, your family will be sent a medal and what can be recovered of your remains.*** A win-win scenario.

If any or all of the above tests lead you to suspect you have the Pariah mutation, report to your Commissar immediately – preferably from a distance of five feet or more. Upon successful completion of blank screening, you will be assigned to a specialist unit!****

Good luck, Guardsman. 

++ Thought For The Day: A small mind is easily filled with faith. ++

* Pending regular review from the Ordo Hereticus, of course.
** At current, approved topics are the weather, how delicious you find regimental rations, and how much you loathe psykers.
*** After it has been determined by our independent review body that you did not act with undue recklessness. If you are found posthumously guilty, your next of kin will be drafted.
**** If screening is unsuccessful, you will be reassigned to a conscript vanguard battalion for wasting the time of your betters.