Greetings, Guardsman!

As you know, the Regimental Standard is dedicated to three guiding principles: a searing adherence to truth, a dedication to properly reflecting the lives of Guardsmen, and unshakeable faith in the God-Emperor. It is in that spirit that we are proud to give you a very special Regimental Standard – written by one of YOU!

While writing amongst Guardsmen is ordinarily discouraged, this communique from Private Grumman of the Necromundan Spyders blew us away; a tale of heroism and courage that is made all the more breathtaking by its stunning prose and unflinching, brutal depiction of the truth. Upon reading this report, we knew that it needed to be seen by everyone fighting for the Emperor, and so we are honoured to reprint it in these hallowed pages.

Some minor changes and redactions have been made for brevity, clarity, and compliance with information security measures, but rest assured, the spirit of Private Grumman’s words lives on. 

Truly inspiring stuff! For those of you similarly encouraged to recite your accounts of war – don’t! Write your legend with your lasgun, and you will surely be remembered. 

++ Thought for the Day: For every battle honour a thousand heroes die alone, unsung, and unremembered. ++