Greetings, Guardsman!

You are no doubt aware that the mighty Adeptus Astartes have been given reinforcements in the form of another stunning Belisarius Cawl creation – the Hammerfall Bunker. In war zones across the galaxy, they have been dropping in to claim victory after victory in the name of the God-Emperor. But don’t worry Guardsman, we have something new for you too – the Flexible Obscuring Reusable Terrain.*

All Flexible Obscuring Reusable Terrain pieces are 100% compatible with each other, which means that by standing next to your fellow Guardsmen you will increase the amount of cover for all units behind you. You can easily create two- or even three-storey F.O.R.T.s by positioning yourselves on each other’s shoulders, providing cover for valuable Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

The new Flexible Obscuring Reusable Terrain enables you to deploy cover on any battlefield with ease. It also allows the Tech-Priests and Enginseers to concentrate on constructing far more vital things than shelter for you.

Important Note: do not deploy the Flexible Obscuring Reusable Terrain in wet weather as its corrugated paper construction is not waterproof and you will be left carrying soggy terrain. This issue should be resolved with Flexible Obscuring Reusable Terrain 2: Woods.**

Grab your F.O.R.T. and tactically deploy to victory.

++ Thought for the Day: An open mind is like a fortress with its gate unbarred and unguarded. ++

* Please note that Aegis Defence Lines will still be available for more senior units.
** As soon as we can locate sufficient planets with trees.