Greetings, Guardsman! 

You are already a hero in the eyes of the Imperium thanks to your unwavering commitment to the God-Emperor and your willingness to lay down your life in his name. But now we have a mission for you that will see your name echo through eternity. Complete this task, and your home world will likely erect a statue in your honour.* You may even earn a salute from your Commissar.

Your target is this filthy greenskin. We have intelligence that he is the leader of a massive Ork invasion, and so, by taking him out you are saving the lives of countless Imperial citizens. As you can see from this pict, even you should be able to deal with such a target.**

This is your time, Guardsman – get out there and slay this foul beast by any means necessary. Save the galaxy from this terrible menace.*** We’re counting on you.

++Thought for the Day: The truly heroic trust in blind faith.++

* Subject to Imperial Governor sign-off, planning permission being granted and the statue material not being required for the ongoing war effort.
** Many of your fellow Guardsmen from Catachan have knives that are bigger than him.
*** It is possible that he may have a bodyguard accompanying him, but we’re sure that you can easily deal with him too.