Greetings, Guardsman! 

We have some encouraging news – the boffins over at High Command have been busy investigating the nature of the Necron menace that has been cropping up across the Imperium, especially in the region of the Nephilim Sub-sector. The good news is that the tireless research of our finest minds has reached one undeniable conclusion – that the machine race is simply no match for you, the humble Guardsman, on any level!

To celebrate these findings, we’re sharing the following inspirational leaflet with you, containing some of the conclusions drawn from their research.

So good luck, Guardsman – go and slay those foul xenos in the name of the God-Emperor and reclaim the region for the Imperium.

++Thought for the Day: Fear that which you do not know; Kill all that you fear.++

* Remember that failure to carry out orders without question is a capital offence that will result in your immediate execution, courtesy of your regimental Commissar.