Greetings, Guardsman! 

It’s that time of the year once again – the celebration of Sanguinala.* To help, we’re providing you with your own Great Angel to cut out and display – simply click on the download button below.** Depending on the war zone you’re in, you can hang it from a tree, cactus, or lichen growth so that you can all bask in the glory of the gaze of Sanguinius.***

On Ancient Terra, it was a tradition at this time of year for officers to serve their troops a feast as recognition of a year’s good work. Of course, your Commissar is far too busy for such frivolities, so you’ll have to open your own corpse starch. 

Don’t forget, Guardsman, your Commissar sees you when you’re lasgunning, and he knows when you fix bayonets. He shoots you if you run away, so be resolute for the Imperium’s sake.

++ Thought for the Day: They who feast today do so in ignorance of their mortality. Tomorrow they must die or change. ++

* Please note that due to the vagaries of warp travel, your chronometer may not match with those of other regiments, but be assured, it IS Sanguinala.
** Make sure you ask your Commissar before you borrow the regiment’s scissors.
*** While you may also display it on your helmet when off duty, do not attach it to your bayonet as that is not the correct way to venerate an Imperial Saint and will result in summary execution.