Great news, Guardsman! 

Your regiment has been honoured to deploy in the same war zone as the legendary Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines. As the glorious First Legion, founded before all others by the God-Emperor Himself, it goes without saying that they command the very deepest respect from the likes of you. 

Your benevolent superiors have prepared some easy-to-understand material to ensure you don’t inadvertently offer some offence to the Angels of Death. Read these tenets, memorise them, and live by them – lest you die by eschewing them. Your Commissar may issue an impromptu verbal quiz to verify your knowledge and compliance.*

You want to represent your regiment in the best light possible around our guests, Guardsmen. Keep a vigilant eye on other members of your unit that view the Dark Angels with anything other than hushed reverence and report them immediately to your CO.

++ Thought for the Day: The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance. ++

* A score of 100% will allow you to continue fighting in this war zone. Any troopers found unable to fight will be mercifully offered the Emperor’s Grace.