Greetings, Guardsmen!

Today is a very special day, as by the galaxy’s most holy metric of time (the Emperor-blessed Terran Year) it is the Regimental Standard’s fifth anniversary. While it is unlikely any of you have served long enough to remember our humble beginnings,* we wanted to present you with a gift to coincide with the ancient Terran custom of Heart Day.

What is Heart Day, you ask? Historical records show it was a mysterious festival where citizens signalled their compatibility by displaying gifts fashioned after the hearts of powerful foes they had presumably defeated. As brave defenders of the Imperium yourself, we’re sure you can relate!

In accordance with these customs, we have collected motivational cards from many branches of the glorious Imperial military, to represent their willingness to fight and die alongside you.

We look forward to seeing you or your replacement personnel in another five Terran years’ time, Guardsmen! 

++ Thought for the Day: Better a year of pain in the Emperor’s service than a day of comfort in cowardice. ++

* If you do, congratulations! You are either a celebrated veteran of your regiment or a rank coward unfit to cast eyes upon these words. Either way, report to your local Commissar for your appropriate reward!