Greetings Guardsmen,

You will soon be deployed to the Charadon Sector, which has recently seen regular contact with Drukhari raiders. These depraved xenos have had the temerity to call your new post a ‘prey world’, but they are about to suffer for their impudence.

The Drukhari are known for using fear as a weapon, but they will soon learn the absurdity of this notion. Indeed, they are the ones who should fear YOU, the valiant soldiers of the God-Emperor. Each one of you would rather die than be taken alive – not through fear of torment by the hands of your captors, but to earn a glorious martyr’s death.

To prove why the Drukhari should rightly fear to face you in battle, you are being issued with one (1) informational pamphlet on the subject.

Good luck, Guardsman! Not that you’ll need it.

+++ Thought for the Day: The alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor.+++