Greetings, Guardsmen!

Welcome to the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. As you will no doubt know, the combined forces of Humanity are throwing back the vile heretics infesting this sector and returning the Holy Emperor’s rightful rule to His worlds. As part of your assignments in this area, you may be called upon to fight alongside the distinguished Astra Militarum regiment of Tanith.

As some of the finest stealth and reconnaissance experts serving in His armies, the Tanith First and Only* are often found moving through dense forest and tree cover, in which they are virtually invisible to the naked eye. This is no excuse, however, for mistaking them for an enemy attack – to this end, we have provided a fool-proof guide to identifying your fellow Guardsmen.

Be sure to requisition this notice properly through your regimental command, with expected arrival time estimated at less than three to five years. Platoons displaying high levels of competency with these guidelines are subject to reward of no less than six (6) months of glorious celebratory service at the front lines of the Emperor’s armies.

++ Thought for the Day: To err is human; to err again is treachery. ++

* The regiment is named such for being so good, the world of Tanith only had to send a single group of men. They are a humble lot, however, and are likely to deny this. Trust us, and don’t feel the need to pester them about it!