Greetings, Guardsmen! 

Those of you lucky enough to be fighting alongside your saintly Adepta Sororitas allies will have noticed a few new pieces of kit in their arsenal. Now, despite what the esteemed writers at The Daily Confessor have been saying, they are no equal to our own venerable Sentinels and are absolutely not a subject of envy at all.*

In the event that any misinformed individuals attempt to contest this undeniable fact, you may present them with the following key discussion points that prove, conclusively, that the Astra Militarum’s equipment is vastly superior to that of your peers.

1. You Are an Army of One

It is an observable fact that Paragon Warsuits, despite the skill and bravery of their pilots, are only ever dispatched to the battlefield in squads of three. Such mistrust in their holy machine spirits is not a concern for Sentinel pilots, who are frequently known to operate alone, safe in the knowledge that their vehicles are reliable and fully capable of protecting them from harm.

2. A Sentinel Is Perfectly Suited to You

While Paragon Warsuit pilots are given just a handful of options for their weaponry, Sentinels are widely customisable platforms offering a choice of frames and armaments suitable for any war zone the Astra Militarum is required to fight in. Ravenous xenos monsters nipping at your mighty heels? Give them a taste of the heavy flamer, Guardsman. Vile heretics committing blasphemous acts in the distance? A frag missile is the perfect long-ranged delivery system for the Emperor’s justice.

3. Your Head Is Protected

We have no doubt that the brave soldiers of the Astra Militarum are willing to place themselves in harm’s way for the good of the Imperium, but some studies suggest a safe soldier is better able to prosecute the God-Emperor’s judgement on their vile foes. The thick armour plating of a Paragon Warsuit is worth little if a lucky shot finds its mark on the pilot, but with the complete coverage offered by an Armoured Sentinel, no pilot need fear death by random chance.

4. Stride the Battlefield in Comfort

While the inner workings of the Paragon Warsuits are strictly classified, we have it on good authority that they require the pilot to use their own legs for movement. Sentinels have no such limitation, allowing their pilots to remain fresh and alert at all times on even the most perilous of battlefields. In fact, even grievously wounded Guardsmen can continue to serve the Emperor.

5. You Can Never Be Disarmed

No matter how large and impressive the paragon war blades and war maces are, they are still held in facsimiles of the frail human hand, which has been known for many years to be prone to unfortunate malfunctions in the heat of combat. To address this problem, the Omnissiah’s divine genius saw fit to bolt the Sentinel’s weapons directly to the hull. No enemy of yours will be able to escape the scything sweep of your mighty chainblade!

While many more examples can be found of the Sentinel’s awe-inspiring power and utility, your designated recreational period is likely over. Take this knowledge with you to the front lines and know that wherever you are, a Sentinel pilot is safe in the armoured carapace of his mighty war machine.

++ Thought for the Day: Doubt is the fatal flaw in any armour. ++

* Any Guardsman found expressing envy will be sentenced to service on the front lines without the glorious equipment they clearly do not appreciate.