Greetings, Guardsmen!

As you know, the prestigious Guardsman of the Week award is not earned easily. It takes a true hero of the Astra Militarum to receive such a garland, and Private Harris from the 117th Adrassi Gravediggers have been posthumously honoured after heroic actions in the Charadon Sector.* We can all learn from his example.

When the order to fall back following the devastating assault of Typhus and his traitorous  Death Guard followers was given, the Private was one of the first soldiers to alight the troop transport, thus ensuring the recovery of both men and materiel. As you know it is a sin against the God-Emperor to waste either of these.**

Following a swift redeployment, the 117th Adrassi were assigned to support the Knights of House Raven. Private Harris bravely followed in the footsteps of these magnificent machines, coolly ensuring that probable kills became confirmed kills.*** 

Guardsman Harris gave his life in service of the Emperor fighting the creature leading the so-called Disciples of Be’lakor. When the hordes of cultists charged their position and killed the Regiment’s Commissar, Harris led a determined assault on the giant flying mutant that had flanked their entrenched position. Though his bayonet charge failed to dislodge the abomination, the sheer bravery shown in the name of the God-Emperor was truly inspirational.

With the fighting still raging in the Charadon Sector, there’s still time for you to impress your commanding officer and be nominated for a future Guardsman of the Week award.****

++ Thought for the Day: Death and Duty are all we must give. ++

* Reminder: Though Private Harris sadly no longer qualifies, Guardsmen of the Week who remain alive are eligible to receive an extra half-ration of Ambull.

** It should be noted that many of the other soldiers in the regiment did not heed this advice and needlessly gave away their lives in combat when they could have easily survived to become martyrs later.

*** Jealous mutterings suggesting that they were already dead should be disregarded.**** Your commanding officer has to survive in order to nominate you. Award has no value in Imperial credits. Extra half-ration of Ambull meat is at the discretion of your Commissar. Prizes are non-transferable. Winners will be announced in future issues of the Regimental Standard.