Greetings, Guardsmen!

We have been receiving reports of Ork Kommandos operating in your area. The notion of a sneaky Ork may appear laughable at first, but these greenskins have nonetheless shown a rudimentary capacity for infiltration.

To ensure that your regiment is fore-armed to root out any would-be operatives, we are providing you with a reference guide detailing the classes of Ork infiltrator that have been encountered to date, and how to identify them.

So there you have it, Guardsmen, keep an eye out for any Ork Kommandos, or they might just stab you in it.

++ Thought for the Day: Innocence proves nothing ++

* Or at the very least, a withering/witty retort.

** Even though you will subsequently face execution for striking a superior officer, you will be posthumously commended for having performed your duty.

*** Inform your nearest Commissar immediately – greenskin or no, a severe flogging is clearly in order.

**** Phrases such as “Krump ’em”, “Give ’em a good kicking”, and “We should perhaps avoid bombarding our own troops” are tell-tale signs.

***** However, be aware that, should you be incorrect in your identification and accidentally destroy such a valuable military asset, you will be mind-scrubbed and turned into a suitable replacement.