Greetings, Guardsmen! 

While you naturally desire nothing more than to spend every waking moment earning glorious renown for the Holy Emperor on the front lines, sanctioned leisure time is an important part of every Guardsman’s week. Fear not, for here at the Regimental Standard we have devised a way for you to serve your Emperor even while away from the battlefield.

The Regimental Standard Holy Air War Simulation Experience improves the common Guardsman’s ability to act decisively in battle by replacing idle thoughts with keen military knowledge.

To simulate combat between your glorious Imperial forces and their vile xenos foes, simply compare the numbers between the two in any manner you see fit.* The higher number wins, and illustrates the natural superiority of Mankind’s brave defenders. Try as many combinations as you like, and marvel at the infallible record of our mighty Imperial forces.

As an accurate representation of the Imperium’s military supremacy, the Simulation Experience is a significant morale boost to those fighting alongside the Imperial Navy’s air wings. Next time you see one of your pilots displaying a long trail of Victory Smoke, know that they bring the galaxy one step closer to the God-Emperor’s holy vision.

Be aware that the Regimental Standard does not condone the excessive use of leisure time on frivolous activities, and each session spent with the Simulation Experiences should be preceded and followed by an adequate period of prayer and reflection. Requisitions may be made to your local Administratum representative, with delivery guaranteed in as little as four Solar years.

++ Thought for the Day: Heresy grows from idleness. ++

* With the exception of the Trickery statistic – Imperial warriors are never caught out by such rank foolishness, and cannot be beaten by trickery.